Management Accounts & Cashflow Forecasts


Giving a clear view of your financial position - your sales, debtors, creditors and most importantly, profits

It’s no good waiting until the end of the year to know if you’re making money. By then it’s too late! Each and every month you need to know your financial position. How your sales, costs and profits are shaping up and what you need to put aside for the taxman. You also need strong cashflow forecasts to deal with those financial peaks and troughs. Without all this, you can’t successfully run your business day to day, let alone plan for its future.


Management accounts & cashflow forecasts to help run your business

We don’t just prepare numbers; we help you use them too. We’ll agree with you the key performance indicators you’d like monitored, such as the average time customers are taking to pay. We’ll show you how to spot things such as a falling gross profit margin. Our regular business tax estimate will help you cashflow plan. And if you need information, cashflow forecasts or budgets, to say plan, obtain finance or win a tender, we’ll provide these too.

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What You'll Get

Services to match your needs

On a monthly or quarterly basis, we’ll provide all the essential management accounts you need and go through them with you. Where money’s being made – and lost! We’ll also build a clear picture of your business and personal cash flow requirements. So you can plan with confidence.

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  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Management Reports and detailed reconciliations
  • Budgets and Forecasts
  • Weekly and quarterly Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Weekly reviews to update actual and projections
  • Cost reduction

"Ali started helping us almost 2 years ago now, and I can honestly say that the robust financial health of our organisation is largely down to the systems and processes she has implemented for us. As we were growing so quickly she helped us adopt reconciliation techniques that meant we could easily generate management reports that showed us exactly what funding we have earnt & spent, and where we were in our budget plans. The cashflow forecast she helped us design mean that our Board have been able to make better informed decisions about our growth opportunities and where we can afford to take measured risks and where we need to pull back a bit."

Sadie Sharp, Founder & MD The Platform Project CIC
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